Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekly Check Up

I got back on the treadmill yesterday. I haven't run since I fell and smacked the whole body around (in a bad way). I ran 16 of the 24 minutes. I need to run twenty solid minutes for my class starting in 16 weeks. I am on track, that is good.

I am doing 40 sit-ups each night. I have to increase it this week to 44. I will need to do 60, so I am on pace with those as well.

I am not doing any push-ups, though I did ten in class Saturday. The arm ached, so I am targeting the muscles that need to get stronger for me to do 50 push ups. I believe it is my delts that need work, so I am doing those exercises every night after the sit ups. I may get a pass on the push-ups, (because my instructor knows the problems I have with my shoulder) but I don't want a pass. I want to be able to do them, without pain or aching.

I am still working on my weight. I am losing inches, the butt is getting smaller, hips too. Just need to get those thighs down. Of course running doesn't exactly make slim thighs, so that's why I do the step exercises.

I am also working on my Intermediate Level Instructor's Certification. If I get this, I will outrank Mr. Karate again. hahahaha. He told me to give him a year of outranking me before I pass it in. I said no. :)

I want my Intermediate Certification for two reasons. The first is because I like to figure things out, and I like knowing the whys of all our techniques and forms. The second is because I will never have the strength of the 14-21 yr olds I work out with. So I have to KNOW more than them. If you can't beat them with strength, then baffle them with bullpoop.


I've been seeing that a lot of people everywhere are fighting the winter blahs and the economic "recession depression". I think that if we all are there for each other, we will get through this tough time and come out shining like stars. I am glad you are all in this with me. Thanks for all your posts, comments and efforts.


  1. Good stuff! It is very important to have a support group, especially when times are hard like they are right now.

  2. I am trying to get over my "recession depression" even though it is not affecting me workwise, I do get sad and worried because most people I know are loosing their jobs and having a hard time. It does help to read this blog, now that I am settling down I need to find an excercise rutine that works for me. I feel embarassed when I read that all of you are making pushups, elliptical, sit-ups, etc. and I do nothing! of course, I will never loose weight if I don't start excercising!