Sunday, March 1, 2009


I took the week off from working out. I didn't work out in the mornings, I still haven't managed to wake up early. Whenever something like this happens, I get really hard on myself.

I think it's time to start cycling to work.

Here's where my plan is failing. Yes, I want to be doing 100 pushups every morning, but there's no motivation. My test will only require 40. I can do 50 no problem. Still, it's been a lazy week.

My first test is Saturday. I'm not worried about passing the physical parts, but I know when I have a routine I feel better throughout the day. Here's my goal:

Make lunch, get to bed at 10pm.
Wake up at 5am: 75 pushups, 100-200 crunches, 10 pullups.
Bike to work.
Bike home.
Arm/shoulder workout with weights.
Practice karate?

Wish me luck.

[EDIT] In an attempt to adjust my coat, 1.5 miles into my planned 20 mile ride today, I fell off my bike and banged my hip. Pain is a really excellent demotivator. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow, but today I'm limping. guh

1 comment:

  1. I know how you feel. Falling on the ice and knocking everything out of place was not my idea of fun. But I worked out this morning and my shoulder feels a LOT better.
    Gotta run tomorrow.


    PS I know you will pass the test with flying colors.