Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I wanted to write once I had something new, but with the moving it was hard to focus in other things. I did organize the house and still have a few boxes and things out of place but all of them are in the extra room that will remain as a storage for a while. I try to bring a box or two downstairs on weekdays to continue clearing the room. We will start painting the house this weekend. Other than that, I have not done much.
I worked really hard the first two weeks after I moved in - way beyond what I thought I was able to do - and maybe that "extra effort" made me feel more hungry. I have gained weight and I am starting to feel really bad about it. My belly bothers me when I am sitting down or driving. My clothes don't fit anymore and I get tired too quickly. I started this week with my "diet" again. I feel hungry throughout the day at work, so I got some mango yogurt, cereal and apples to eat as a snack, instead of cookies or chocolate. I am also trying to eat less and lighter at night. I cook and save my plate for lunch next day. Instead, I am eating only soup at night. I am also drinking infusions after dinner. I don't know why, but I've been having trouble sleeping and the infusions have helped a lot.
I still need to buy a scale. I need to see progress with my weight loss!


  1. Keep with it Sandra. I so relate to you about your belly bothering you. I get so frustrated by all of the tv shows and magazine ads about weight loss. It all happens so slowly and there are ups and downs. Keep with it!

  2. My stomach has been bothing me lately too.....I'm a little scared though, because it feels like it used to feel right before I had to give up meat. A couple of years ago I used to get such bad stomach pains that I started elminating things from my diet. It turns out that when I stopped eating meat, the pain completely went away. I ate only seafood (pescetarian diet) for over a year and lost 10 lbs and felt 100% better. After I got married I started eating meat again and it hasn't bothered me until recently. I don't want to have to give up meat again, but it may come down to that :(
    Hopefully your pains are just from the moving stress and will go away soon. Keep with it - it's not easy. If it was easy we would all look like Kate Moss, right?!