Sunday, March 8, 2009

Catching up

Sorry I've been out of it lately - just a lot of stuff going on keeping me busy, out of town, away from the computer, etc.
Unfortunately, all of those things are not helping me get to my goals either. I have continued to lose weight (down to 140.4 this morning) but I was hoping by now I'd be down into the 30's - that's OK - next week, I'm sure of it.
I have also officially lost over 5 inches over all. I'm amazed at how much easier it is for me to tone than it is to lose weight. Size 4s are actually fitting again - the 6s I'm wearing now are falling off.

NO progress on CGC stuff with Winston, but I have a lot of motivation now as I was told this past week that if you have a certified therapy dog you can put all of their expenses as deductions on your tax return. Yup - I guess because you're utilizing them for 'charitable work' etc they are considered a deduction. I had kind of guessed this before, but it has been confirmed, so that's really some incentive, considering the amount of money I spend on these dogs every year.

I have been keeping up with everyone else's progress and I'm so proud and impressed with everyone! Even if you haven't seen me post or comment, I am keeping up - I swear!

Focusing on your goals through January is tough, through February is amazing and now if we all make it through March together it will be nothing short of a miracle - so keep it up!


  1. Good job on the fact that you are still loosing in spite of all the things that have come up.

  2. I am so happy for you Rachel! I think I'm starting to lose more inches too. I am going to weight in this week and measure as well. I hear you on the even if I don't post. I start my spring break tomorrow and I want to cry at the amount of work I have to get done.

  3. Yeah, it's depressing seeing that number not go down, but you know you're losing if clothes are falling off you. I'll want a photo of that, just so you know.


  4. Oh my clothes are starting to stretch instead of fall off... I am slacking BIG TIME on my diet.