Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Working Hard To Be Strong

So yesterday I restarted my shoulder exercises. I had stopped when I twinged my shoulder something fierce. Turns out the uneven push ups we were doing were not very shoulder friendly, for my shoulder at least. So now that it doesn't hurt, and now that I have gotten back on the treadmill, I figured I should get the shoulder stronger. I have to do this three times a week, at least. Here's one.

In other news, I told NinjaOne and NinjaTwo their new names. They asked if that was like ThingOne and ThingTwo. When I said yes, NinjaTwo said she would rather be called ThingTwo. NinjaOne said I had better look out, because they were going to be trouble like ThingOne and ThingTwo. I better be careful. Although I am a 2nd degree, the two of them might be able to take me by teaming up. Another reason to hit the treadmill and the weights. :)

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