Monday, April 5, 2010

One Check Off The Outdoor To Do List

Outdoor To Do List

1) Move lilies and iris out from the berry plant garden and into the flower garden. Check!

2)Re-shingle the little roof above the cellar door.

3) Fix the door to the space under the steps where the lawnmower is. (I have made a new door and need to finish painting it and re-hang it on the opposite side so it's easier and smarter to open.)

4) Plant all my seeds and put a fence around the broccoli and green beans so a certain little black dog does not get into them.

5) Weed the other half of the flower garden and get some of that weed block mulch on all of it.

6) Get a better trellis for the far left boysenberry bush. The streamers on that bush travel so hard a lot of the berries end up in the dirt

7)Dry-lock paint the outside of the foundation.

Next) Make a gazebo so that I can sit in the shade in the backyard and not bake out in the sun. Which is only fun some of the time.

That's a start to my outdoors to do list. Tomorrow I will give you my indoors to do list.
Nice weather sure is motivation, isn't it?

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