Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Planting And Some Shopping

Well, I planted some more broccoli and some beets. I also did a little shopping on the sale racks for some new sweaters. The current batch all needs to go away. It has been rainy and windy, otherwise I would be outside putting up new trellis' for the berry bushes. And raking and edging the driveway.

I did expand my computer tray so that it holds the keyboard and the mouse, taking pressure off my shoulder. I also re-did my husband's keyboard tray, as two family members kicked it and bent the pieces so it wouldn't slide out easily or it slid out to far and fell out.

The checkbook is all done and I had the lady who comes to work to help out with your 401K's and all that jazz check into a couple of issues that needed dealing with. That was a nice one to get off my plate.

Have to do a little more shopping tomorrow, for necessities and new pants and sneakers for my son. I've got a list for that as well.

How are we all doing?

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