Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hi! I have been reading your posts but I have not been able to comment due to computer problems. I have been feeling really good with the fact that I have achieved some of my goals. I have organized the room that I was using as a storage. My husband was very proud of me for doing so, because we both thought that there was no solution. I found a way to re-arrange everything and move some things to other rooms, so now I have a decent guest room and my clothes, purses and shoes are not in the way anymore. We also started eating more healthy during weekdays, lots of veggies and little or no meat at all. I think both of us are feeling that this is a good decision, and I am sleeping good now. I still need to buy a scale to measure my weight loss - if any. I substituted cookies and chocolate with grapes and other fruits for dessert at lunchtime. I have been going to the doctor - a mission for me - for check ups as I am trying to be more responsible with myself. Now I have to find a way to convice my husband to do the same - his allergies are so severe he can't breath at night. I also started sewing. Sometimes I feel frustrated because some projects take a little time and I tend to leave things unfinished... and it is funny because I really enjoy doing them, so i am trying to focus on finishing things instead of moving on to another type of hobby.
I hope everyone is doing fine!

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  1. Great job, Sandra!! Organizing something in my house always makes me feel so productive and it just makes life easier! way to go!