Friday, May 1, 2009

Roll Call

Okay everybody, we gotta get cracking on our goals. How is everyone doing? We need to have a role call. So if you're here, leave a comment and let me know you're alive!

This is one of my goals. It's getting closer to being finished. It's a light in the breezeway, heading out to the garage. At night it is dark and I can't see to get the key in the lock. So I am wiring this up so I will be able to have light. It will have switches at both doors, so the wiring was a bit tricky, but with help, mom is getting it done. :)


  1. We're still working on. Slowing continuing to loose some weight. We got bored with our regular diet and decided to try the products our office is selling that's supposed to promote "fast weight" loss and then lessons on eating to keep it off... we'll see.

  2. i'm here, just had some veggies for lunch... eating healthier every day, except that yesterday was my coworker's b'day and now I have a piece chocolate cake waiting for me on my desk... other than that, i have been faithful to my promise. i hope to see some results on the weight loss soon.

  3. I'm here!! I haven't stepped on the scale in two weeks because I know what I'm going to see. I started teaching a class last month which made me get home so late I couldn't get to the gym. BUT - the class ended today and I'm back on my gym schedule and hope to see the last couple of pounds off before the beginning of the summer. My goal is 2-3 lbs for May.