Friday, May 1, 2009

April Wrap Up and May Goals

Ok April... not my best month

  • Swim 2 miles a week - ARG! I hit a few weeks but not all. I'm taking this one off for a month and then coming back to it.
  • Drink 1.5 liters of water a day - I didn't quite hit1.5 but I didn't drop below 1 liter. So I'll call this one mostly done!
  • Stay off of the Diet Coke after lent and Easter are complete - Oops
  • Go somewhere for a hike - Done! My niece and I went for a long trek on the Sacramento River
So May goals! I'm going to focus this month on getting some 'me' things done.
  • Sign up for the Korman 5K walk in September
  • Clean out the linen & yarn closets - I have a huge mess in there and really need to send a bunch of stuff on to charity
  • Do a use it up month - which means no purchasing of any groceries with the exception of veggies and dairy. I need to use up stuff in my pantry before it goes bad.
  • Go somewhere for a hike - I'm keeping this one on because I want to head out into the wilderness... but come back for a rest in the spa afterwards... you know
  • Bento 4 times a week - I slacked a bit so I'm tossing this one back on.

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  1. Good job keeping up though! We've been slacking a bit too.