Friday, April 3, 2009

Which Way Do I Go To Find Success?

When you reach for success and can't quite get there…it's both a lesson and an adventure - not a failure. If you consider it a failed attempt, FIRST look at your attitude.

Let me give you my formula for success -- at no charge:

1. Find something to do that you believe in, and that you love.

2. Dedicate the time that it takes to become a world-class expert at it.
NOTE: I was taught long ago that there are three kinds of experts: an expert, a world-class expert, and THE world-class expert. In order to get what you want, in order to become successful, you have to be at least a world-class expert.

3. Believe in yourself, and let no one around you shake that belief.

4. Wake up every morning with an attitude of YES! And, have it be strong enough to shake off the NOs. And, if you have all of those elements...

4.5 You must then be willing to work hard. Not just "do whatever it takes," but actually see the vision of completion and fulfillment, and work hard towards that with all your heart, every day.

SUCCESS FORMULA RECAP: If you love it, if you believe in it, if you believe in yourself, and you're willing to work your butt off, you can march to success.

by: Jeffrey Gitomer

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