Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back on Track

I just got back from a very needed vacation and I am starting to feel the need to go back to my normal life. I still have lots of work to do in the house, specially in the "disaster room" but since I still have not found the solution to organize everything in there, I have decided to not let THAT disturb all the other things I want to do each day. I have spent more than a month moving things back and forth and now I prefer to ignore the fact that it is still a disaster.

I would like to go back to my first list of goals from January:

- Take care of myself. I am doing this already. I feel better but I still need to learn how to manage my hair.

- Eat healthier. Working on this, too. My portions have been reduced a lot and I am trying to add a wide variety of things on my lunch box: yogurt, fruit, milk, veggies... a little bit of everything and I am drinking a lot of water also.

- Exercise. I walked a lot during my vacation and it is always sad to realize I am not in shape at all. On monday I went to the gym with my husband, its the first time we go together and I was very enthusiastic but on tuesday I woke up with a very bad cold so we haven't gone back. But we intend to do so, as soon as I feel better. I am trying to get to like the gym and since I go with him, it is much more fun. I am not walking Coco as much as I used to before, but I think that the fact that he climbs the stairs of the house many times throughout the day have helped him slim down.

- Hobbies. I was feeling bad of doing something else than working on the house but as I mentioned above, I will take my time to do things that I like also. I will focus on a few projects I have going on, one of them involving the sewing machine. I am so excited!

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  1. Good for you for NOT letting the disaster room bother you. You may just need to let it percolate in your mind until you know what you want to do in there. No sense moving everything 17 times.
    Good job laying out the rest of your goals.