Monday, June 8, 2009

Mom's Big Goal

This is the letter I received from my instructor.

Congratulations Black Belts,

For getting this far in your training. The goal of 2nd degree Black Belt is right within your grasp, now it’s time to dig in and work hard. I’m proud of each of you for making it this far in your training and showing you do have Black Belt Excellence. Starting Saturday June 27th you’ll be attending the Saturday Candidate class and starting your exam process for 2nd Degree Black Belt . Over this 15 week cycle you’ll be reviewing the Forms 1-3, both sets, 24 techniques and all standard basics. These classes are considered part of your exam and you’ll be judged on performance of material, energy, focus, spirit, attitude, commitment and physical fitness through this time. Each week 5 candidate class will be a progress check and you will need to pass these in order to continue in the exam. Once you have passed all required material there is an additional 5 week cycle used to prepare for your Black Belt Promotion.

In order to make sure you are prepared and stay motivated for this exam cycle here is what you will need to do during these 15 weeks.

1. Attend Candidate Exam Class Each Saturday at 8:30am

a. This is your 2nd Black Belt exam.

b. Get to the Studio at 8:20am so you can start your 20min jog at 8:30am

2. Attend 2 Black Belt Classes Each Week

a. This will help you prepare for the next Step Exam.

b. Work hard each class, do not allow yourself to give up or go easy. Always perform to the best of your and never train to be mediocre.

3. Exercise 3 times a week.

a. 50 Push-ups with in 90 seconds. Back straight! Hands under the shoulders! All the way down nose to the ground! Push Yourself

b. 70 Sit-ups in 90 seconds. Full sit ups.

c. Run 3miles with-in 30 min. Work on a nice steady pace, focusing on your breathing. Log into website to get 9 week jogging routine if needed

4. Read your Etiquette Exam daily. (you may be called upon to do a written exam)

a. If there are words you do not understand look them up in a dictionary.

b. If you are unsure of what a particular etiquette may mean just ask.

c. Study the first 24 pages of the Etiquette Exam.

5. Practice at home 3 times a week.

a. Practice for 30minutes solid running techniques/forms/basics/Spontaneity Drills on a partner.

b. Plan out ahead of time of what you will be practice.

c. Practice as if that is your Exam. Push Yourself.

6. Always bring a notebook to class.

a. Any material that is corrected/fixed write it down then work on it at home.

b. Use the notebook to keep a training log to track your own progress.

When you look at it, it may seem a lot but if you schedule it out it works out well. Here is an example of a Weekly Routine, I created to give you an idea how easy it can be if mapped out.

Monday: Exercise Push-Up/Sit-ups, Practice, Read 15 min

Tuesday: Run 3 miles, Read 15 min, BB Class

Wednesday: Exercise Push-Up/Sit-ups, Practice, Read 15 min

Thursday: Run 3 miles, Read 15 min, BB Class

Friday: Practice, Exercise Push-Ups/ Sit-ups, Read 15 min

Saturday: Candidate Class, Run 3 miles, Read 15 min

Sunday: Day of Rest. Mapping out practice routine for the week.

Through this process the change to 2nd Black Belt will happen as long as you push yourself and work hard. Don’t look for excuses, find solutions. I look forward to watching your progress over this 15 week cycle.

I am down twelve pounds. I ran this morning for 14 minutes, walked for 1, then ran 10 minutes. I am halfway there on the sit ups. I had an MRI on my shoulder Thursday, and am awaiting the results. Consequently, the push ups are not an option right now, but my instructor knows that.

I worked out with two other black belts today for about 75 minutes, maybe 80.

This is my big goal. I am also looking to lose 5 more pounds, then I will be at the weight I was when I got pregnant. I figure the running ought to help tighten up those leg muscles.

How are we all doing? I know how some of you are doing, but I want to hear from everyone!


  1. I need a nap after reading that! I don't know how you do it all!

  2. I'm definitely not in the category of 'everyone' but I have to say I admire you and your tenacity! You will definitely achieve your goals! As someone struggling with a knee problem and trying to lose weight, too, I can see that you have grit. Good luck. I'd love to know how you healed your knee, too...
    xoxo from Paco & me

  3. I'm with DK - I was tired after reading that letter!! But I know you can do it because it's what you WANT. Good luck!! (And great job with the weight! Kudos!)

  4. Wow, you are a machine! Good luck and you will do great!