Sunday, July 18, 2010

You Know...

You know, with temperatures above 90 degrees and lots of humidity, it makes it hard to do any outside work. I did give it a go today, though. I have a section of the house that does not have a 12" border of cement. This section corners into the garage and that doesn't have the border of cement either.

I have been meaning to dig it up and put in a cement border, especially since the water pools there when it rains really hard. Luckily for me, it is in the shade. So I dug it up and started the cementing. When I was done I went next door for a dip in the neighbor's pool. Neighbor has been playing Age of Mythology with PlusOne lately and he loves my berries so we have a good arrangement. It really is great to have nice neighbors.

It was awesome just floating in the nice cold water. The sun was filtering down through the trees and I just floated along, relaxing all the muscles and enjoying the cold. I did have to get out after a while, though but I felt a lot better.

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