Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Knee

I have condromalchia in my right knee. It is the roughening of the cartilage under the knee cap. What it feels like is the knee just won't support me. If you think about your body, when everything is working well you don't feel any particular part of it. Everything works and it is very natural. But I feel my knee. I feel the lack of strength in it. Going up stairs produces sharp pain. The doctor gave me an exercise to strengthen the muscles on the side of the knee but they weren't doing anything. My knee still hurt. In frustration and a little bit of anger, I added the ankle weights, and boy, has there been a difference in how my knee feels. And that's after only one week!

Running Form Five (which is all up and down on the knees) was a painful, depressing process. But Thursday night it wasn't. It's amazing how you feel when something you are doing finally feels good, but I finally feel optimistic about my knee. That makes me happy and happy is good. Very good!

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