Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Checking Off The List

I had been wanting to re-seal the edge of the tub for a while now. When I did it the last time, it turned yellow and funny and parts of it shrunk and cracked. Which didn't happen the first time I did it. So after I did all my garden stuff (and there was a lot of garden stuff, rototilling and planting and raking and filling leave bags) I started the arduous task of removing the old caulking and installing the new.

I finally finished around 9:30 pm and even though the caulk say it dries in 3 hours, we didn't use the shower until a full 24 hours went by.

I was good to have a slower day yesterday, if you can call cleaning out the breezeway slower. I filled three or four garbage bags, rearranged stuff and suddenly had lots more room in there. And I can open the door to the back yard without having to shove stuff out of the way. WIN!

And I wonder why I sleep really well? lol

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