Monday, May 17, 2010

This And That

I had a yard sale yesterday. I cleaned out a bunch of things and what didn't sell is being donated. I got my nephew to go through a box on the back porch that has been sitting there for a while. He finally dealt with it and now it is going away.

I raked and cleaned up the dirt that my neighbor roto tilled for my sunflowers. I think I will wait another week before transplanting them. I am sure they will love to have some deeper dirt to stick their roots in. Now I have to so the section in the backyard where all the vegies are going. My sister commented on how well my green beans and peas are doing. I bought some different types of broccoli as my neighbor's is shaping up a lot better than mine.

And I talked to Ninja Two about her test and she said she feels confident and worried, but now she knows what a test is like so she is not so anxious. They will find out how they did this Saturday. I am not worried. I have faith.

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